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Obadiah Through Malachi, Comments on

obadiah through malachi
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Author: Grant, L. M.

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From The Back Cover Leslie M. Grant has written commentaries on much of both the Old and New Testaments, working with the editors of Believers Bookshelf USA. This book deals with the nine books which end the Old Testament-often referred to as the Minor Prophets.

These books deal with God's warnings and judgments on Israel (the 10 tribes) and Judah (the two tribes) due to their sinful attitudes and practices, eventually resulting in their captivity. But all these books have much to say about the final restoration of the whole nation after the terrible times of the Tribulation, and the glory of the nation in the Millennium. We would be greatly impoverished without the prophecies of these books. The book of Zechariah is especially gone into in detail as it has so much information packed into its 14 chapters.

188 Pages – Softcover – Author: L. M. Grant

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