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Matthew, lectures on the Gospel of

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Author: Kelly, W.

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To some people, the apparent discrepancies in the Gospels give great difficulty. To the author of this book, they spring from the wisdom of the Spirit of God who impressed on each inspired writer a special design.

For example, he sees the Spirit of God inspiring Matthew to express the "... aspirations and wants of the Jews, the evidence of Jesus' Messiahship, and the consequences of His rejection for both them and the Gentiles ...”

This book is a "chapter by chapter" rather than a "verse by verse" commentary. It should be especially helpful to those who desire an overview of the vital features of this Gospel.

Mr. Kelly was one of the remarkable men whom God used mightily to expound His precious Word.

Mr. Kelly was an outstanding scholar who deeply loved the Word of God and the precious Savior of whom it speaks from cover to cover.

572 pages - Softcover - Author: W. Kelly

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