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Isaiah, Jeremiah and Lamentations, comments on

Isaiah Jeremiah and Lamentations 9535N
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Author: Grant, L. M.

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Isaiah spans about 60 years, including Israel's captivity, with warnings to Judah about their sins. His prophecies include the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus and the glories of the coming Millennium (1000 year reign of Christ).

Jeremiah covers the time around the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem. Many warnings are given, much history, and promise of better days for Judah.

Lamentations shows Jeremiah's love for his people and his sorrow over the consequences of forsaking the Lord – a warning to us all!

You will learn much from brother Leslie's comments on these great books of the Bible, especially if you will follow along in your own Bible!

Leslie M. Grant lives in the Seattle, Washington (USA) area and has served the Lord in full time service for over 65 years. He has written a number of books and Bible commentaries, available through Believers Bookshelf, Inc.

260 pages - Softcover - Author: Grant, L. M.

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