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From Rapture to Reigning 2nd edition

from rapture
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Author: Daniel, R. P.

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The Rapture-the catching up to heaven of all who believe in Christ as Savior-is the next event on God's prophetic timeline. It will set in motion many events that will swiftly culminate with the Lord Jesus reigning as King over all the earth, and we reigning with Him. Yet the doctrine of the Rapture is under attack today. This book answers this attack by explaining many of the details of the Rapture itself-how is it going to unfold, who is involved, how about the dead in Christ-and showing the scriptural differences between the Rapture and Appearing of Christ.

Many don't realize that the Lord will give us “rewards” for faithful and obedient service to Him now, to be used when we “live and reign with Christ for 1000 years.” Rewards are gone into in detail because many are “losing” reward by carelessness or disobedience to all He has asked of us while we live the Christian life on earth.

108 Pages – Softcover - Author: R. P. Daniel

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