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Conflict! the World - Flesh - Devil - 2006 NEW REPRINT

Conflict_G Steidl
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Author: Steidl, G. W.

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The World, the Flesh and the Devil...

To most of us these three great enemies are vague, shadowy, ill-defined, and difficult to cope with. Many words and much energy have been expended in preaching against them down through the centuries. Yet the average Christian often struggles in dark despair, seemingly unable to extricate himself from bondage to foes over which he should be victorious.

In this book, the author Grant W. Steidl, strips away much of the mystery from these enemies. Positive in his approach, he points out the tremendous resources the Christian has against them. Well documented with Scripture references and other helpful quotations, the book also contains discussion questions, so that it can readily be used for a study guide on the subject.

89 pages - Softcover - Author: G. W. Steidl

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