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Basic Facts of Christianity

basic facts of christianity
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Author: Daniel, R. P.

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Basic Facts of Christianity
An Outline for Young People is in two parts, taken from Outlines for Christian Youth.

The first part gives general Bible truth and instruction. The second part briefly touches on truth for our collective walk with God-our walk together with other Christians. I have covered this aspect of our collective responsibility more thoroughly in a little book entitled Christian FellowshipÂ… What? When? Where? Why? With Whom? We first need general Bible truth to help us both in our personal walk with God and in our walk with other Christians. Our personal life certainly affects our life in relationship (fellowship) with other believers.

Roger P. Daniel is a married, retired safety engineer with two grown children and five grandchildren. He lives in Michigan and continues to teach a class of young adults in the local assembly where he has been actively ministering the Word, especially to young people, for about 50 years. He is Believers Bookshelf's most active living author.

188 pages - Softcover - Author: R. P. Daniel

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